Abhishek Kumar

Webmaster, LastNaukri.com

As we all know iDev is one of the best blog networks in India and around the globe. Soumya Pratihari has set it up and I believe this is the first professional network by any Indian. iDev also happens to be India’s largest blogging house and why not, when they have more than 100+ blogs under their name with qualified and dedicated writers for various niche.

I have been in Soumya Pratihari’s contact for last 1 year or so and never seen a dynamic person like him with many awards and recognition (Times of India, Economic Times, WordPress seminars and many more) under his belt and its his honesty which has got him and iDev to this level. I wish all the best to him and iDev for all future endeavours.

As a blogger I take inspiration from him and religiously follow iDev’s blogs to keep myself updated. Looking forward to see some nice and exciting launches and new venture by them and wishing all the best to them.


Pradeep Kumar

iDev Blogs is one of the inspirations for bloggers to enter Blogging field professionally. With more than 25 members they achieved stuffs that are recognizable all over India.

A blog network that makes India proud. I really appreciate their professional way of managing everything.


Tushar Tajane

Webmaster, TechZoom.org

iDev Blogs – Whenever I read or hear about this name, there are two distinct things, I relate this name with:

1] Soumya Pratihari and his dedicated, motivated & enthusiast team

2] A network of successful websites getting global recognition

I happened to meet Soumya – the founder & the main pillar of iDev Blogs (I didn’t know about iDev back then) through our newly formed closed group of bloggers. The more I interacted with him, the more I explored about iDev and his vision.
It has definitely made me re-think about the blog type we usually know of or write. Soumya & iDev blogs are surely an inspiration for hundreds of other aspirant bloggers including me. The more we converse on various topics, I feel like being graduated in that topic.

Having access to their ever expanding ocean of knowledge, their friendship and helpfulness are probably the best things ever happened to my life as a blogger.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to congratulate them for their achievements & wish them the very best in future endeavors. God bless.


Shubham Saraswat

iDev Blogs is a fantastic platform for those who want to make an online presence or want to make right use of their writing or management skills. Undoubtedly they are one of the best startups with their large blog network.

They are using the best available technology such as VPS, CDN, NGINX, etc to ensure the delivery of excellent knowledge without compromising with the quality. Also while they make the web a better place they often organize giveaways which show their concern towards the readers.

The way they take care of each and everything and work with perfection, it’s just marvelous. To sum up all I can say is if you have been searching for the best startup for your career, then your search ends at iDev Blogs.


Ravi Chopra

With some out of the box ideas, iDev Blogs is surely one of the smartest and best blog network across India. They know what it takes to make money from a blog. With a mentor (CEO) like Soumya Pratihari, who is already one of the most renowned bloggers across the country, there is no reason iDev blogs is going to set back.

They have already broken many records in terms of traffic and making money with their blogs and will continue to do so in the coming time. Wishing great success to the iDev Blogs Team. Great Work Guys, Keep it up.


Akash Jain

I entered Blogging professionally, probably a year back, and You call it my Fortune or Luck, that It took no time for me, to connect with Soumya Pratihari.

I remember, once he commented on one of my blog post,a year back, and I didn’t even know, who was he.

‘Blogging’ is all about ‘Sharing’, and when the Blogger himself has the habit of Sharing his Knowledge & Experience, you really cannot expect More.

If I am told to Rank the Indian bloggers, iDev and Soumya Pratihari would be definitely in Top, for the only reason that, He is too Modest & he is there for every single Junior for Guidance, always.

Looking forward to Meet him sometime.Wishing iDev and its Team, All the Very Best for Future.


Raghav Gautam

Budding Writer, Photographer, Short-film Maker & VFX Artist RaghavGautam.in

I know iDev Blogs through Soumya Pratihari, who goes by the web pen name (or is it type-name?) of Bapun, rather used to go with it. We’ve been in contact for many years, and what was my passing fantasy to make easy bucks was his passion that time.

I think people like him exist to make us believe in positivity and dreams, and surely, without positivity and without dreams he didn’t have have iDev at such a level, where, in mid-twenties almost, he’s among the top bloggers of the country. Age is just a number; real thing is passion and hunger.

I’ve been to Techcular and PriceIndia often, more because of the giveaways frankly, and I found the information pretty effective. The idea to promote a product with a giveaway or scheme will work as long as there’s quality in it. As far as I see, having done content myself for a pretty good time, I think they make me proud as an Indian. I’d done outsourced content where I worked, I didn’t get enough, and neither did my nation, while I was indirectly paying taxes to the other governments.

Watch out, here comes iDev and many others. Good Luck Bapun, this is just a beginning.


Suresh Kumar G

Soumya Prathari is the Founder of iDev blogs. Normally everyone sees him as a blogger, but i see him a blogging mentor which means he gives great support and encouragement when you’re new in blogging, SEO, Internet marketing.

This shows he cares the people much and doing business with iDevblogs team will be very helpful and provides good support.

Joining the team of iDevBlogs Will be very good idea and highly recommended.