Life at iDev Blogs

There are many things that make iDev a unique place to pursue a career at. Covering them all here will take away the surprise element for those who manage to get inside to become a member of vibrant iDev family! 😉 Still, to make outsiders jealous we are putting few amazing facts about iDev’s work culture & facilities! 😛


We understand how special your birthday is and we make sure to make it even more special by gifting you a cake and joining to celebrate your birthday together 🙂



The celebration of festivals help to promote and stimulate unity, co-operation and preservation of an old tr editions, culture, etc, and enable people to celebrate their happiness, joy fullness, worship of gods, etc. They are also symbol of Indian cultural heritage and unity among the people of different casts, religions etc.


Picnics are more about the experience than the sustenance. We throw picnic parties once a year, few times invite orphans, deaf & mutes to share happiness with us.


We organize and host large conferences, such as WordCamp (Cuttack – 2012, Bhubaneswar – 2013) where we spread awareness and talk about technology trends.

Interactive Sessions

Practical is more important than theory. We make sure to have interactive sessions along with the conferences so that you can actually learn, grow and then build.


Who does not like to listen to singers, dance on the floors, and have free food and drinks? We throw parties to celebrate our anniversary and have great fun 😉